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Octopus Suction  Coolie



1. Holds onto any bottle or can drinks

2. Anchors Drink to smooth surface, preventing it from falling.


Coolzee 4 in 1


1.Cooler: Neoprene material keeps drinks cool

2.Pop Top: Place the base onto the bottle cap to pop open

3.Twist-Off: Overturn Coolzee and fit the bottle cap onto the top hole to twist open

4.Tab-Puller: Place the bottom side on Coolzee on the can’s tab & lift of the tab.

Take A Seat




1. Cushioned Stadium Steat
2. Bag
The Stadium Seat Bag is currently being pitched to the likes of SABMiller for next year’s 2010 Fifa World Cup in South Africa.

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4 in 1 Cup Holder

Beer Promos ODM 4in1 Cup Holder



1. Able to hold 4 plastic cups with Handles

2. Small and foldable for storage

3. Recyclable / Reusable

4. Customisable for logos

ODM’s 4 in 1 Cup Holder is currently mid way through mould development.

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